"It is the color of the deepest moment of the fire.
The very heart of the flame."

                                                                 -- Yahoub Khan, miner at Sar-e-seng for Lapis Lazuli, The Place of the Stone *

Stages of Fire, "the very heart of the flame" ,  flamma lapis   2010 by Maggie Simonelli 
Encaustic, Lapis lazuli + 24 kt gold on floating birch panel   9" x 72"


Inspired by the interaction of natural elements
Simonelli continues her exploration in the FIRE series



Fire, Circle Lavender by Maggie Simonelli 2012
Encaustic, 22 kt. gold leaf, oxidized bronze leaf, lipstick, eye shadow, pigments, and casein on birch  40" D

Maggie Simonelli   Red  Sea Fire,  Cinnabar,   Fire series

Encaustic (cosmetic grade beeswax), seawater (Atlantic Ocean), oxidized copper leaf,  French red pale gold leaf 23 kt, aluminum leaf, lipstick, cinnabar, red lac, cadmium red deep,  pigments and casein on floating birch panel   (sold)

18" x 18" x 1 3/4"