Eve's Garden 

Maggie Simonelli Eve's Garden, Lime green
Encaustic, 24 kt gold leaf, aluminum leaf, eye shadow, lipstick, pigments and bee pollen on floating birch panel 24" x 68" (sold)

 Simonelli creates her own garden in her series "Eve’s Garden".

"Eve's Garden is  the primordial flower garden in all its beauty, power and fragility,  the idea being that planet Earth is the Garden of Eden. 

Eve's Garden, Orange with green scallop edge and golden lattice 2007
Encaustic, 16 kt pale gold leaf, cosmetics, bee pollen, pigments on floating birch panel 9" x 9" (sold)


Humans began to farm the garden for survival and the beauty of the original garden was lost. Women historically have spent all of history cultivating the garden back to its original splendor.  That is what I’m trying to achieve with these paintings, Eve’s Garden."

                                                                          - Maggie Simonelli