VENUS, from Gift of Venus series  by Maggie Simonelli
Encaustic, crushed pearls, 22 kt gold leaf, oxidized copper leaf,  CHANEL 55 In Love Blush, CHANEL 104 Passion lipstick,  CHANEL  No. 5  eau de perfume,  Japanese glass pigments, Chinese cinnabar, incense of myrrh and frankincense,  Adonis’ semen,  essential oil of roses from Istanbul, CHANEL 117 Rose Petale eye shadow,  CHANEL 112 Iridescent Illusion d’Ombre eyeshadow, acrylic underpainting,  copper leaf oxidized by seawater and foam of the sea from Byblos, Lebanon (ancient site of Venus temple) with 16 kt. pale gold leaf on birch floating panel
45” Diameter

Beauty, The Three Graces, for the Gifts of Venus series by Maggie Simonelli
Encaustic, Dior Blue Lagoon eye shadow, Japanese glass pigments, pigments, aluminum leaf, and acrylics on floating birth panel
30 “ Diameter


Charm,  The Three Graces for the Gifts of Venus series by Maggie Simonelli
Encaustic , NARS Orgasm and Adoration blush , 16 kt pale gold leaf, Egyptian blue glass pigment, Chinese Cinnabar, Japanese glass pigments, aluminum leaf, and acrylic on floating birch panel    
30” Diameter